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Double Bottom Line Returns

Generation Growth Capital, Inc. is committed to “double bottom line” returns in addition to generating a market rate of return on invested capital. This second bottom line is to positively impact low to moderate income (LMI) communities. Our portfolio companies create jobs in the communities where they are located. Our companies serve as an example to other entrepreneurs and community residents that attractive investments and opportunities exist in LMI communities. Generation Growth Capital's double bottom line returns include:

Economic Development

Being a catalyst for additional economic activity (investment) in LMI communities.

Community Benefits

Creating jobs, increasing the tax base of LMI communities, and supporting joint ventures between majority and minority entrepreneurs that may lead to additional economic development and wealth creation.

Wealth Creation

Creating wealth for minority entrepreneurs or employees climbing the economic ladder (focused especially on employee benefits programs like 401k(s), savings programs, homeownership/walk to work, etc.).

Double Bottom Line Returns

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