GGC Fund I, LP Acquires Wiza Industries


October 5, 2011

Generation Growth Capital Fund I, LP Acquires Wiza Industries

Generation Growth Capital, Inc., (GGC), is pleased to announce that GGC Fund I has acquired the Wiza Industries division from World Class Manufacturing. Wiza specializes in the machining and assembly of grey and ductile iron castings, along with high alloy forgings from 2lbs to 1,500lbs. Wiza offers highly sophisticated horizontal and vertical turning and machining for a number of different industries and applications.

Going forward, Wiza will be renamed M2M Machining, Inc. and will be a part of a new GGC platform, Model 2 Machine Group, Inc. Model 2 Machine Group has been established to provide a suite of vertically integrated supply capabilities to OEM customers serving the heavy truck, agricultural, construction, aerospace, and mining equipment industries.

M2M Machining, Inc. marks the sixth acquisition of GGC. GGC is a Wisconsin based lower-middle market private equity fund. It provides growth and buyout capital for lower middle market companies generally with $5-50mm in sales and enterprise values under $30 million.

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